Best 15 Yercaud Tourist Places

Yercaud tourist places are a mix of natural beauty and calm spots, perfect for a relaxing trip. Yercaud is known for its pleasant climate, scenic beauty, and rich natural resources.

It is often called the “Jewel of the South” because of its lush green landscapes and serene environment. The hill station is also famous for its coffee plantations and orange groves.

Yercaud has many tourist spots that attract visitors throughout the year. Some of the best places to visit in Yercaud include Yercaud Lake, Anna Park, Lady’s Seat, Kiliyur Falls, and Shevaroy Temple.

There are also beautiful gardens, viewpoints, and adventure spots that make Yercaud a great destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

best places to visit in Yercaud

Why Visit Yercaud?

Unique Selling Points

  • Natural Beauty: Yercaud offers stunning views of mountains, valleys, and lakes. The lush greenery and fresh air make it an ideal spot for relaxation and unwinding.
  • Climate: The climate in Yercaud is mild and pleasant throughout the year, making it a good getaway from the heat of the plains.
  • Activities: There are many things to do in Yercaud, such as boating on the lake, trekking to waterfalls, exploring gardens, and visiting temples and viewpoints.


Yercaud is a small hill station located in the Shevaroy Hills of the Eastern Ghats in Tamil Nadu, India. It is about 35 kilometers from Salem, a major city in the state.

Best Time to Visit

The ideal time to visit Yercaud is from October to June, when the weather is cool and pleasant.

Yercaud Temperature

Record high °C (°F)29 (84)32 (90)34 (93)35 (95)34 (93)32 (90)31 (88)30 (86)30 (86)32 (90)31 (88)29 (84)32 (90)
Mean daily max °C (°F)22.9 (73.2)26.0 (78.8)26.9 (80.4)28.6 (83.5)29.4 (84.9)29.4 (84.9)26.6 (79.9)26.0 (78.8)26.1 (79.0)25.0 (77.0)23.7 (74.7)23.5 (74.3)26.2 (79.1)
Mean daily min °C (°F)12.4 (54.3)13.3 (55.9)15.4 (59.7)17.7 (63.9)18.1 (64.6)18.6 (65.5)17.6 (63.7)17.3 (63.1)17.0 (62.6)16.4 (61.5)14.9 (58.8)13.1 (55.6)16.0 (60.8)
Record low °C (°F)4 (39)5 (41)6 (43)9 (48)10 (50)8 (46)9 (48)8 (46)5 (41)4 (39)6 (43)6 (43)4 (39)
Avg. precipitation mm (inches)17 (0.7)17 (0.7)18 (0.7)81 (3.2)143 (5.6)109 (4.3)187 (7.4)247 (9.7)209 (8.2)250 (9.8)161 (6.3)73 (2.9)1,512 (59.5)

Famous Things to Buy in Yercaud

Coffee: Yercaud is known for its aromatic coffee. You can buy freshly ground coffee beans or powdered coffee, which make great gifts or souvenirs.

Spices: Yercaud produces high-quality spices like pepper, cardamom, and cloves. These spices are fresh and flavorful, perfect for cooking.

Fruits: The local markets offer fresh fruits like oranges, pears, and bananas. These fruits are tasty and healthy.

Essential Oils: You can find various essential oils made from herbs and plants grown in Yercaud. These oils are used for aromatherapy and have many health benefits.

Homemade Jams and Pickles: Local vendors sell delicious homemade jams and pickles made from fresh fruits and vegetables. These add a unique flavor to your meals.

Honey: Yercaud’s honey is pure and natural. It’s a great addition to your pantry and can be used as a sweetener or for health purposes.

Handicrafts: Local artisans create beautiful handicrafts, including wooden items, pottery, and handmade jewelry. These items make for unique and memorable souvenirs.

When you visit Yercaud, don’t forget to explore the local markets and bring home some of these wonderful products!

Best Yercaud Tourist Places

Here are the some famous tourist places in Yercaud:

Yercaud Lake

Yercaud Lake, also known as Emerald Lake, is a beautiful and calm lake located in the heart of Yercaud. Surrounded by lush greenery and gardens, it offers a peaceful environment for visitors. The lake is a popular spot for boating, where you can rent paddle boats or rowboats. The area around the lake is perfect for picnicking, with several spots to sit and enjoy the natural beauty.

Location: Located in the center of Yercaud town.

Anna Park

Anna Park is a well-maintained garden near Yercaud Lake. It is known for its variety of plants and flowers, making it a colorful and refreshing place to visit. The park hosts annual flower shows during the summer festival, attracting many visitors with its vibrant displays. There are also play areas for children, making it an excellent spot for family outings.

Location: Situated near Yercaud Lake in the center of town.

Lady’s Seat

Lady’s Seat is a popular viewpoint in Yercaud, offering stunning panoramic views of the plains and valleys below. It is an ideal spot for enjoying the scenery, especially during sunrise and sunset. A telescope is available for visitors to get a closer look at the distant landscapes and the town of Salem. This viewpoint is a favorite for photography and relaxing in nature.

Location: Located on the southern side of Yercaud, about 2 km from the town center.

Kiliyur Falls

Kiliyur Falls is a magnificent waterfall located in Yercaud, cascading down from a height of 300 feet. The falls are most spectacular during the monsoon season when the water flow is at its peak. Visitors can enjoy a refreshing trek through lush forests to reach the falls, making it a popular spot for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. The cool mist from the falls provides a refreshing experience.

Location: Situated 3 km from Yercaud Lake, accessible via a short trek.

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden in Yercaud is a haven for plant lovers, featuring a wide variety of plants, including rare orchids and exotic trees. The garden offers guided tours that provide educational insights into the different plant species and their ecological importance. It is a serene place for a leisurely walk and an excellent spot for those interested in botany and nature.

Location: Located near Lady’s Seat in Yercaud.

Pagoda Point

Pagoda Point is a famous viewpoint in Yercaud, known for its panoramic views of the surrounding hills and Salem town. The point is named after the four pyramid-like structures found here. It is a popular spot for visitors looking to enjoy the scenic beauty and peaceful atmosphere. The sunrise and sunset views from Pagoda Point are particularly breathtaking.

Location: Situated 4.5 km from the Yercaud bus stand.

Servarayan Temple and Cave

The Servarayan Temple is a small, ancient temple located in a cave on top of the Servarayan Hill. The temple is dedicated to Lord Servarayan and Goddess Kaveri and is of great religious significance to the local tribes. The cave is narrow and stretches deep into the hill, providing an interesting exploration for visitors. The surrounding area offers beautiful views of the hills and valleys.

Location: Located on Servarayan Hill, about 7 km from Yercaud town.

Bear’s Cave

Bear’s Cave is an intriguing natural cave located on private coffee estate grounds in Yercaud. The cave is believed to have been used by bears in the past and has a mysterious and adventurous feel to it. The entrance of the cave is wide, leading to narrower passages inside. It is an interesting spot for those who enjoy exploring and learning about local legends and history.

Location: Situated on the Norton Bungalow property, about 2 km from Yercaud Lake.

Shevaroy Temple

Shevaroy Temple is a famous hilltop temple dedicated to Lord Shevaroyan, located in the Shevaroy Hills. It is important to the local tribal community. The temple is inside a cave, creating a peaceful and mystical atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy beautiful views of the hills and valleys, making it a popular spot for both worship and sightseeing.

Location: Shevaroy Hills, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu.

Montfort School

Montfort School, started in 1917 by the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel, is a well-known school with high academic standards. The school has a beautiful campus surrounded by greenery and old buildings. It focuses on the overall development of students, including studies and extracurricular activities.

Location: Montfort School Road, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu.

Kottachedu Teak Forest

Kottachedu Teak Forest is known for its large teak tree plantations. It is an ideal destination for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. The forest provides a peaceful setting where you can see various animals and birds. The tall teak trees offer a majestic view, perfect for trekking and nature walks.

Location: Near Yercaud, Tamil Nadu.

Deer Park

Deer Park in Yercaud is a small park home to several deer and other small animals. It is a popular place for families and children, allowing them to see these gentle animals up close. The park is also a nice spot for a relaxing walk and a picnic in nature.

Location: Lady’s Seat Road, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu.

Silk Farm and Rose Garden

The Silk Farm and Rose Garden in Yercaud are two attractions in one place. Here, visitors can learn how silk is made and see many different types of roses. The rose garden is full of colorful roses, making it a favorite spot for photos and enjoying nature.

Location: Pagoda Point Road, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu.


The Orchidarium in Yercaud is a garden with many kinds of orchids. It has over 250 types, including rare and exotic ones. This garden is a must-visit for plant lovers, offering a beautiful display of colorful and fragrant orchids in a peaceful setting.

Location: Botanical Survey of India, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu.

Famous Local Eateries

Yercaud has many local eateries offering South Indian and Chettinad food. Popular dishes include dosas, idlis, and spicy Chettinad chicken. Some well-known places to eat are Saravana Bhavan for traditional vegetarian food and Sweet Rascal for unique fusion dishes. These eateries give a true taste of the local cuisine.

Location: Various locations across Yercaud, Tamil Nadu.

Local Produce and Specialties

Yercaud is known for its coffee, pepper, and cardamom. The coffee grown here is rich and aromatic. Local markets also sell fresh fruits like oranges, pears, and bananas, as well as homemade jams, pickles, and honey. These local products offer a taste of Yercaud’s natural bounty.

Location: Local markets and farms in Yercaud, Tamil Nadu.

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Best Hotels and Resorts in Yercaud

Yercaud has many comfortable hotels and resorts that offer good services and beautiful views. Some of the best options include:

  • GRT Nature Trails: Known for its luxury and stunning views of the valley.
  • Sterling Yercaud: Offers modern amenities and spacious rooms.
  • Grand Palace Hotel & Spa: Features a spa, swimming pool, and scenic views.
  • Hotel Shevaroys: A popular choice with various dining options and cozy rooms.
  • TGI Star Holiday Resort: Provides a relaxing atmosphere with good facilities.

Travel Tips

How to Get There:

  • By Road: Yercaud is well-connected by road. You can drive or take a bus from nearby cities like Salem, Bangalore, and Chennai.
  • By Rail: The nearest railway station is Salem Junction, about 35 km away. From there, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to Yercaud.
  • By Air: The nearest airport is Salem Airport, about 45 km away. For more flight options, you can use Coimbatore Airport, which is about 195 km from Yercaud.
  • Rent a Vehicle: Renting a vehicle is a convenient way to explore Yercaud. You can rent cars, bikes, or taxis from Salem or directly in Yercaud. This allows you to visit various attractions at your own pace.


Yercaud is famous for its natural beauty, pleasant climate, and serene environment. Key attractions include the Shevaroy Temple, Kottachedu Teak Forest, Deer Park, and the beautiful rose gardens and orchidariums. Plan your trip to Yercaud now to experience the natural beauty and peaceful environment of this charming hill station. Book your stay and start exploring!


  1. What is Yercaud famous for?

    Yercaud is famous for its scenic hills, coffee plantations, pleasant climate, and beautiful gardens.

  2. Is one day enough to visit Yercaud?

    One day is enough to see the main attractions, but staying longer allows you to enjoy the peaceful environment and explore more spots.

  3. Which month is best for Yercaud?

    The best time to visit Yercaud is from October to June when the weather is pleasant and ideal for sightseeing.

  4. How do I plan a Yercaud trip?

    Plan your trip by deciding how to get there, booking a comfortable hotel, and making a list of the attractions you want to visit. Renting a vehicle can make it easier to explore

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